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There are some industries with higher injury rates than others due to the nature of the work. Instead of excusing a run-of-the-mill work placement program, this actually necessitates businesses in these sectors to find an industry-leading option. While you can always pay referral, you’re much better off taking advantage of our subscription-based programs, which are specially designed for businesses that want greater protection and reassurance.

At RTW Marketplace, we’re the only nationwide provider to offer subscription-based modified duty return to work programs. We’re able to save our members a whopping 35% on average when compared to legacy RTW program providers. Plus, we don’t charge any additional program fees or hidden costs, so you always know exactly what you’re paying for.
Restart Fee $0
Time Extension $0
2nd/3rd Placements $0
Return from Surgery $0

Legacy Programs

Our subscription-based model is volume-driven which means you’re paying less for each referral the more candidates you need to be placed. However, there are no costs for nonparticipants. We custom-tailor our legacy programs to meet the unique needs and goals of each client.

You can schedule a program overview meeting with RTW Marketplace Founder Greg Ott to discuss all details, including program overview, workflow, oversight, time clock, reporting, and more. Feel free to schedule a meeting time that works best for you. We look forward to hearing from you.
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