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Same Day Placement Processing
Introducing Our Modified Duty Program

The Most Comprehensive Return-to-Work Program

Modified Duty Program is an industry-leading return to work program designed to help businesses reduce their disability claims costs, increase employee satisfaction, and improve the placement process for injured employees in reduced capacity work. Here are the advantages you receive when signing up with our program:

  • Rapid placement services at nonprofits around the country
  • Digital time tracking system with automated payroll distribution
  • Electronic job offer documentation and FedEx distribution
  • Flexible work schedules that accommodate employee availability
  • Flexible work demands that accommodate employee abilities.
  • Full documentation, including offer letter, time clock instructions, and maps, all in multiple languages.
  • Detailed and up-to-date reports upon request
Program Types

Modified Duty Placements and Permanent Restrictions Placement Services

Modified Duty: Subscription and Legacy

Modified Duty Locations: Nonprofit Jobsite, RTW-at-Home, and Employer Jobsite Locations

Permanent Restriction Placement Services


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Save Money on Claims

Prevent increases in your X-Mod and Worker’s comp insurance premium by eliminating TTD.

Giving Back

RTW Program participants are providing valuable resources to nonprofit jobsites within their communities.

Our Mission

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Provide the trifecta of Fast, Inexpensive and Excellent Service to our clients and our nationwide nonprofit jobsites.